STATIM Sterilizers, Anodizers, and more for Professional Body Piercers in Europe and the United Kingdom

We provide education and advanced technology for body artists.

Infection control products and practices

Sterilization and equipment maintenance-STATIM autoclave work practices-HYDRIM automatic instrument washer work practices

Jewelry safety standards -Quality materials and design-Finishing and customizing jewelry--Anodizing, passivating and coloring titanium and niobium-Appropriate form, size and placement for new piercings

Precision modern body piercing techniques-Safe piercing procedure without clamps [freehand]-Large gauge initial piercing methods-Science and experience based aftercare

About Us

Brian Skellie


Brian founded Piercing Experience in 1992 as a piercer inspired to research and evolve safe body modification and share the results with the community. Apart from work as a dealer for infection control products, he is an educator who has presented many seminars and workshops at conferences in North and South America and Europe. He is a frequent APP contributor ever since the first conference, an active business member since 1996, former editor of The Point Journal, completed three terms as a Board member as Treasurer, International Liaison and President, and commenced his fourth term as Medical director in 2017.

Brian celebrates over 25 years of sharing his body art expertise with his clients, colleagues and friends. He specializes in body piercing, safety standards, STATIM autoclaves and HYDRIM automated instrument washers, and is an authorized dealer for the SciCan family of products. He offers expert consultation and training for streamlined workflow for Body Art Professionals. As a long time member of ASTM International and the APP, he develops, interprets and publishes evidence based standards for continual improvement in the field of Body Arts.